uncertain grounds 

In the area of tension between control and ecstasy, the relationship between being and imagination becomes an act of balance. After her solo dance performance "GLOWING current moods" from 2019, Sophia now works on a new version together with the "Youth Dance Company". The dancers slide through (emotional) spheres on their personal field of experimentation, focusing on the material and emotional character of the white plexiglas surfaces.  The installation equipment of the space with different materials and sounds, the shimmering skin and smooth surfaces characterise the performance. 


Concept, Idea: Sophia Hörmann

Performance: Youth Dance Company

Sound: Adolfo Garcia

Stage Setting: Julian Lietzmann

Outside Eye: Daphna Horenczyk

Production: Tanz die Toleranz


On Motherhood (A Post Partum Island)

Work in progress installation for "Rundgang 2023" at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, dealing with motherhood and the missing drive due to sleepless nights, inflammation and responsibilities. Sleeping at the university in order to get a rest from my daughter.


Durational performance (four hours) at room EA03

Concept, idea: Sophia Hörmann

Setting: Sophia Hörmann, Julian Lietzmann


Thank you to: Rosa Knecht, Carola Dertnig, Stefanie Sourial



Very little is known about the nymph Echo. Her story was adapted centuries ago to focus on Narcissus, yet it does not tell us everything: How can Echo be staged as a female myth, as a voice of a landscape and a fading body? How can a poetic narrative that is based on language be communicated through sound and movement? Starting with the mythological figure, the HÖRFRAU Kollektiv will take Ovid´s story as a point of reference and create its performance from Echo´s perspective. Here, Echo is not only a gendered figure or embodiment but also an artistic tool and phenomenon present on all levels of the performance and production. The HÖRFRAU Kollektiv will investigate Echo´s many facets and in doing so reflect on their own dramaturgical and choreographic practice.


HÖRFRAU Kollektiv

Sommerszene Salzburg Festival, 2022


Concept, Idea: HÖRFRAU Kollektiv

Performance: Lena Schattenberg

Sound: Sanna Lu Una

Costume: Agnes Varnai

Stage Setting: Julian Lietzmann

Choreographic Coaching: Tomasz Simatovic

Light Design: Jakob Bogensberger, Alex Wanko


Thank you to: ARGE Kultur Salzburg, Sommerszene Festival, Land Kärnten, im_flieger, LifeLong Burning


GLOWING current moods

Based on the topics of self-presentation, Sophia Hörmann creates a setting in which she literally slides through spheres and emotions. Thus, sliding across her own personal laboratory, she focuses on the material and emotional character of the surface she perceives, touches, enters. Aesthetic features like the furnishings of the space with artificial materials and sounds, gleaming effects and smooth surfaces, flowing movements and wet skin are the characteristics of GLOWING current moods.


imagetanz Festival

brut Vienna, 2019


Concept, Idea: Sophia Hörmann

Performance: Sophia Hörmann

Sound: Adolfo Garcia

Costume: Caroline Haberl, Zuhra Hilal

Dramaturgical advise: Johanna Hörmann

Outside eye: Daphna Horenczyk

Video: Mani Froh

Light design: Alex Wanko

Production: ProSiBe


Thank you to: Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, Arbeitsplatz Wien, im_flieger, nadaLokal, Tanz*Hotel, Stadt Klagenfurt Kultur