GLOWING current moods

Rhiz Vienna

Contemporary Underground 

26.09.2020, tba

GLOWING current moods

theaterHalle 11 Klagenfurt

Pelzverkehr Festival


+++Cancellation due to COVID19+++

26. & 27.6.2020


Doris Uhlich

Tanzquartier Wien 

+++Cancellation due to COVID19+++


GLOWING current moods

Toihaus Salzburg

Performance Fiction Festival

+++Postponed - autumn 2020 - due to COVID 19+++

29. & 30.05.2020 

Artist in Residency Showing

Katharina Senk, Robyn, Sophia Hörmann

im_Flieger, Bräuhausgasse



Dance in Isolation video project with Adolfo Garcia

PW Magazine


GLOWING current moods excerpt


Online Performance Art Festival

+++New date due to COVID 19 +++12.03.2020 cancelled

GLOWING current moods

Rhiz Vienna

Contemporary Underground 

Event Link


24. & 25.11., 19:30

Land of flats

Brigitte Wilfing

Reaktor, Wien Modern Festival

25. & 26.10., 19:30


Doris Uhlich

Tanzquartier Vienna

18.10., 20:00

GLOWING current moods (gallery version)

Die Schöne, Vienna

24.09., 21:00

GLOWING current moods (gallery version)


21.09., 21:30

Solo DJ Set HÖRFRAU Collective

Pelzverkehr Festival, Theaterhalle 11 Klagenfurt

21.09., 16:00

Kill your darlings

Pelzverkehr Festival, Kammerlichtspiele Klagenfurt

24.08., 20:00

Voyage 2

Brigitte Wilfing

Jot 12, Seestadt

12.06., 21:30

GLOWING current moods (open air version)

unselect Festival, Kleine Humboldt Galerie Berlin, Campus Nord

17.05., 18:00 & 20:00

"digitalsafari" Performance Intervention

Take Festival, Sophienspital Vienna

30.03., 22:00

imagetanz 2019 Abschlussparty

With: Robyn, Alex Zehetbauer, Hörfrau Kollektiv (Johanna & Sophia Hörmann), Malika Frankha

brut im celeste

28., 29.03.

GLOWING current moods PREMIERE

Imagetanz Festival, Brut Vienna

23.03., 21:30

Salon: dancing 30 years ahead

30 Jahre Imagetanz

With: Sophia Hörmann, Anne Juren, Claire Lefèvre, Zoe Schreckenberg

Moderation: Jacopo Lanteri

brut im Atelier Augarten - Café


14., 15., 16.12.

Brücken ins Schwarze

Werk X - Petersplatz Wien

Theatre Production by Andreas Jähnert (Aktionstheater Ensemble)

29., 30.11.

Brücken ins Schwarze

Toihaus Salzburg

Theatre Production by Andreas Jähnert (Aktionstheater Ensemble)

14. - 20.10

GLOWING current moods meets SCHÖNES GELAGE

Gallery Die Schöne, Vienna

11., 12., 13.10.

DANZA Y FRONTERA - Endangered Human Movements Vol.4

Tanzquartier Vienna

Amanda Pina / nadaproductions (Assistance)

5.10. 20:00

CURRENT MOODS - Duo Version - Residency Showing

Work in progress

NadaLokal Vienna

21., 22.09.

Pelzverkehr Tanzfestival Klagenfurt

Theaterhalle 11

Performance Film & Live Performance with Thales Weilinger and Steffi Sternig


SUBURBINALE International Filmfestival 2019

Endstation Seestadt Screening 

Groß Enzersdorf


GLOWING current moods (work in progress)

Home is where art is Festival


28., 29.06.

Brücken ins Schwarze

Landesbibliothek Kuppelsaal Bregenz

Theatre Production by Andreas Jähnert (Aktionstheater Ensemble)

7.06. - 9.06. , 17:00 - 1:00

Saint Genet "A modern history in a continuous present"

Like shapes in dreams

WUK performing arts, Saal

4.04., 18:00

"City Dancer 2018" Presentation

Filmscreening Endstation Seestadt

Alpen - Adria Galerie Klagenfurt

Residency & Scholarship "City Dancer 2018", Klagenfurt 

16.03.  20:00

GLOWING current moods

Club UNTEN Linz

10.02. 18:00

Performance in Collaboration with Zuhra Hilal

Flucht nach Vorne Anniversary 

Reindorfgasse 38 Vienna

18.01., 19:00

GLOWING current moods

VFD Club London


9.12. 13:00

Herbergsuche 2.0

Performance Night with different Artists 

Idea: TanzRaumK

16. - 18.11. 21:00 

Saint Genet Flinch not and give not back

WUK performing arts

11.11. 19:00 


Lange Nacht der Bühnen Linz 2017

Cie. Tauschfühlung

LENTOS Museum Linz

15.09. - 15.10.

Die Kinder der Toten (Elfriede Jelinek)

Nature Theater of Oklahoma (US)

Filmshooting, Performance, Filmscreening

Neuberg an der Mürz

Steirischer Herbst

26.-28.10 & 30.10., 19:30

GLOWING current moods

Artist at Resort Term 14

Tanz*Hotel Wien 

Zirkusgasse 35 1020 Vienna

19. - 24.09. / whole day

PARALLEL Vienna Art Exhibtion

Intervention, Performance

Performance: Giulia Di Guardo, Britt Kamper, Sophia Hörmann

Alte Siegmund Freud Universität / U3 Erdberg

28.07.2017, 21:00

Florentina Holzinger

Fight Club & Bolero Performance

Impulstanz Festival

Museumsquartier Vienna

15.07., 18:00

Home - Music & Art Festival

Installation, Performance, Interaction

Strombauamt Greifenstein

1. - 8.07.

Artist in Residence Program

Dance Arts & Performance Residency

Carob Mill Arts & Cultural Centre - Epimenides Crete

23.06., 19:00

Counter Parts Vernissage

Performance by Grazyna Roguski

Bäckerstrasse 7/8 1010 Vienna

25.06., 12:00 - 16:00

Film Workshop with Jessyca R. Hauser

SeeLab Seestadtstrasse 27/16 1220 Wien

Open to all dancers, performers, choreographers and artists from other fields

who want to learn the basics of film making, editing, cutting...

Workshop Fee: 40€

Registration: info@sophiahoermann.com

Space is limited for max. 10 people!

Bring your Laptop!

30.03., 19:00

My Pony Is Over The Ocean

My Body Is Over The Sea...

IQ Gebäude Seestadt [U2]

Artist in Residency SeeLab Showing 

Live Performance: Elda Gallo, Anna Possarnig

Concept: Sophia Hörmann

Dramaturgy: Johanna Hörmann


28.01., 13:00 - 15:00


Open Danceworkshop for all Levels!

Contemporary Dance with Sophia Hörmann

Brunnenpassage Vienna




I am very happy to announce that I am taking part in the 

mentoring program 2017 (bmukk) with Doris Uhlich as my personal mentor!

14. - 15.10, 19:30

El Conde De Torrefiel


Steirischer Herbst 2016

Orpheum Graz

26.09., 19:30

Endstation Seestadt screening premiere


In "Endstation Seestadt" the rawness of the architecture and it´s specific mood will be explored in a choreographic way. The four protagonists find and dedicate themselves in so called "in between" or "non" places. Through different perspectives in the scenes, the observer can choose between surreal illusion and reality. The body is the medium how we observe the space.

Schikaneder Kino, Raw Matters