Concept, Idea: Sophia Hörmann

Performance: Sophia Hörmann

Sound: Adolfo Garcia

Costume: Zuhra Hilal, Caroline Haberl

Dramaturgy: Johanna Hörmann


Self-Determination or Self-Abnegation?


More than ever it seems to be an urgent necessity to present the own emotional life to the external environment. But where does this increased urge to communicate has its origin? Why do we place ourselves on the market? Do we wrap the label „me“ to tolerate ourselves in a better way? Most of the things we are doing and experiencing in the daily life are happening in a similar dynamic and speed. All is current moods somehow „Kinda hungry, kinda horny, kinda tired, kinda wanna get a tattoo.“



After a first research on Instagram I noticed that current moods hashtags always have a relation to the individual mental state, no matter how trivial it might be. It can be a facial expression, a selfie, an image of a person, an animal, a situation… In those hashtags I could recognize most notably that they are demonstrating ones own ambivalence and so called mood swings. „I want someone to hold me and at the same time I wanna be alone! I hate how I feel right now, crying for no reason, I don’t know what to do with myself…“ It seems that people in my generation are overtaxed with themselves and that we are constantly looking for external attention to fill in the personal gaps.